May 11, 2023
Fido News

Introducing Fido’s new short code *998#

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Fido is offering you more than just loans-We are adding the “S" to opportunities :)

Say hello to our new shortcode *998# which offer new services from Fido.

998# allows Fido customers to easily and conveniently buy airtime and data bundles, make payments for bills, repay loans, and access exceptional customer support services, all at their fingertips. Now Fido customers can make payments in just a few clicks. And with our loan repayment feature, you can repay your loans with ease and convenience by inputting your loan details and following the prompts to make your payment.

Here are some of the amazing features you can expect when you use *998#:

  • Discounted Data and Airtime Bundles: Get a 10% discount on every airtime and data bundle purchase with Fido! 
  • Bill payments: Pay your bills in just a few clicks, whether it's for electricity, water, DSTV/ GoTv Payments.  No more standing in long queues or struggling to pay bills online.
  • Loan repayments: Repay your loans with ease and convenience using *998#. Simply input your loan details and follow the prompts to make your payment.
  • Customer support: Need assistance with your account? Our customer support team is always available to help. Just dial *998# and select the customer support option to get started.
  • Fraud Report: do you need to report fraudulent activities? Just dial *998# and select option 5 to contact Fido. Always remember that the only way to get a Fido loan is through the App.

At Fido, we value our customers' time, and that's why we've made it our priority to provide hassle-free services that can be accessed from anywhere. So why wait? Try out our new USSD code today and experience the convenience of hassle-free bill payments, loan repayments, and exceptional customer support services.

Dial *998# today and join our community of satisfied customers! Endless Opportunities Dey!