How it works


Download the Fido app

Visit the Google Play Store, search for 'Fido', and install the new Fido App.


Register to Fido

Open the app and begin registration by providing your mobile number. You will receive a one-time code to your phone via SMS.


Choose your Pin Code

Set your 4 digits PIN code, make sure it’s a code you can remember. Don’t share this pincode with anyone.


Choose your Security Question

Set your security question. Your security question will stop others from gaining access to your account. Make sure it’s an answer you can remember.


Let's Us Know it's You

Begin the loan application process by submitting your Selfie, Ghana Card and Address.

Take an action like requesting a loan, or improving your Fido Score

Take a Loan

Apply for a quick loan following the application steps and get immediate approval. Once your loan is approved, money will be instantly sent to your Mobile Money account.

Fido Score

 Build a track record with Fido and follow simple steps to improve your Fido Score. A higher Fido Score unlocks larger loan amounts and improved terms. Get your Fido Score and take control over your finances.

Open savings account - Coming Soon

Save money towards your personal goals.