Jul 13, 2023

How to shine ya eye when it comes to fraudsters:

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My Padi! It looks like fraudsters are on the loose.

Many organizations and individuals are posing as Fido.They use Fido's branding, terms and conditions, and social media content to entice customers into signing up for credit, and then defraud them later on. The sad thing is that anyone can fall victim to these fraudsters. In this post, we want to share with you a few tips on how to spot a fraudster so you can be on your guard.

1. Fido does not have any agents. We process all credit applications through our Fido App. Therefore, if you encounter someone who offers you a credit from Fido we advise you to report them to the police.

2. Fido will never ask for a cash deposit before giving you a credit. Don't pay 50ghc or any amount to any phone number in the name of Fido. We will never ask you for that. All transactions happen on our app so dey gee.

3. Other than our verified Facebook page with the blue tick, we do not have any other Fido pages. Therefore, if there is another page communicating with you, it is not us.

4. Fido doesn't have any whatsapp groups, so my friend looks sharp and exits all Fido whatsapp groups. We are doing our part to clamp down on these fraudsters but we also need you to shine ya eye!

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