May 11, 2023
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5 Side business ideas to explore

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We are experiencing challenging times, and we can all agree that it's time to start some side businesses.

This will enable you to make some extra money to cover any other expenses we may have or to put aside for rainy days. A side hustle is a business we operate outside of our regular jobs or major sources of income. These are businesses that don’t require a lot of capital to start.

1. Run errands for others: A lot of people are busy and are looking for ease and convenience. These groups of individuals prefer to shop online because they are very busy and won't have time to go to the store. It could be groceries, market errands, etc. You can offer to do these on their behalf and charge them for these services.

2. Buying items to resell (opening an online thrift store): Buying items to resell online can be another side hustle idea to try. There are quite a number of people who are doing businesses like these and making profits from them. You can purchase books, toys, and fashion if you love these things and would like to start a business in this space. It is recommended that you know what you are skilled at and start your business there; either on Whatsapp or any other platform, you are familiar with.

3. Start a business on the go:  Are you skilled at teaching, hair styling, massage, fitness training, cleaning, cleaning, etc? Start a mobile business where you can visit people's homes to offer your services to them for a fee as well.

4.Teach a skill online: you can organize online classes on varied topics and earn some cash from that. Teaching people “how to do this or that ” is also one way you can make money. Platforms like Youtube, Udemy, and Zoom can help you create these e-learning courses.

5. Start a blog/vlog: Can you write, can you create video content? Take advantage of the opportunity to blog or vlog about something you are interested in. A lot of Ghanaian vloggers are being paid to create content, all-expense paid to travel abroad and vlog about it. It's a trendy way to make money now.

You don't need a lot of capital to start a side business. Remember this is a business you want to start to help you earn some extra money, so don't wait for that huge income to begin, just do it.